Board Up The Windows 

   Board up the windows board up this whole town
   developers are comin’ gonna turn your life around
   and if you do not sell to them they’ll just burn it down
   and buy it out from under you for pennies on the pound
   gas can matchstick they take it all away
   they might have well just took your life cause you wouldn’t take their pay
    boom town ghost town, what’s in a name?
   There’s no thing as good or bad when money’s to be made
    there’s a fire down at the pet salon
    poor folks are angry that the free clinic is gone
    and the library’s been packed up
    renovated moved along
    off to greener pastures where it stays light ’til dawn
     that boutique is burning and it smells like baby clothes
     the polyester’s puddling in a pool on the floor
      I tried to stop them but they’re going in for more
     they’re all gonna get burned alive going back into that store
  Isn’t it a shame that this town is just the same as a yin and a yang with out the dots?
  ain’t no signs at the border except for cleaner drinking water
  stay in line and follow orders or you will get shot
   keep your voices low but keep them mean
   don’t you hang out in between
   the sky is blue and the grass is green
   remember what you’re not
    Cul de sacs and railroad tracks seperate the white from black
    high rise buildings filled with crack
    filled with anger no attack
    Highway 90 seperates so neither can collaborate
    to finally form a great escape through violence or a better way
    October’s finally come around
    still the leaves have not turned brown
    rain’s the only thing coming down
     water to our necks going to drown
     Giant Wars and Dinosaurs
      What kind of people start giant wars over the bodies of dead dinosaurs
      that we liquefy and we put in our cars so we can drive to the grocery store
      and buy all of those precious things that give baby jesus angel wings?
       Your toilet paper’s dolphin safe
       you’ve got beeswax on your face
       all of your money has replaced
       the need to curb your selfish waste
       Where will you be when the world’s upturned
       your money’s worthless now you’ve learned
       we can’t eat it it will burn
       and so to hell it shall return
        Here we are a  shelter dug into the earth
        now we shall see who is last and who is first
        Hard Times
       Fussin’ and fightin’ rolling out the kitchen door
       go away oh hard times come again no more
       times of pain and anguish, tribulations by the score
       go away oh hard times come again no more
        When I was just a baby settin’ on my mother’s knee
        she whispered low clear in my ear and this she said to me
        she said the world’s full of pain and anguish
         trouble will pass your way
        hard times will come along but they never stay
        hard times will come along we’ll all see better days
        I wish it was that way
        Rats all in my cellar where there never was before
        go away oh hard times come again no more
     Hearse Driver
     I drive a hearse for a living I do,
     hook up both horses to the yew
     give my whip a crack bring the bodies on back
     to the ground to their home in the  earth
      All day long I hear mourning and sobs
      crying oh why was she unrightfully robbed
      from us from our love bring her back from above
      take her our of that cold wretched hole in the turf
       Day after day this scene takes its toll
       weighing down heavy upon my soul
       for I know that time that death will be mine
       and the hearse drive will look upon those that I know
        But I cannot give in to this feeling of dread
        I want to know by the time that I’m dead
        that I’ve done all I want and I can make my bed
        in the ground in my home in the earth
        and won’t you plant flowers on top of my grave
        and send down a flagon inscribed with my name
        and dance round in circles to bid me on my way
        to my home far away from this earth
         Miss Rosie
           Come along miss rosie it ain’t our time to die
            though both the generals’ armies have blackened out the skies
           through cotton fields and cannon fire in blood stained fields we try
           to not be found by the army hounds drawing ever neigh
           I give no damn about a man who is so far away
           and why should it trouble my life whether he’s blue or grey
           I must leave or I will die I wish that I could stay
          I’ve worked this land so damn that man who is so far away
         Movie Picture
         Say it like a movie picture
         sing it like a broadway play
         just don’t say it like a TV commercial
         baby I don’t want to feel that way
         Scream it like a rock and roller
         whisper like nobody knows
         sell it like a five and dime store honey
         the kind that doesn’t close
         You were me baby
         you called me boy
         now you’re just a lady
         and I find myself destroyed
         Just like a movie picture
         this story has an end
         but just like a movie picture
         I replay it in my head again and again yes in my head
         Two Flags
         He raised to flags every morning
         stars and stripes and the maple jack
         one for him and one for his wife and after the heart attack
         he still walked out and down the hill and gave that cord a tug
         stars and stripes for his country a maple leaf for the one he loved
          and she’s a strong minded woman
          Canadian pioneer stock
          he was a city boy who loved his toys
          and they spent their summers by the ferry dock in Wisconsin
          and it reminds her of home where humming birds feed
          and blue jays scree just like Ontario
           And the years rolled on pushed along
           by that cruel old master time
           she held him close and loved him dear as he slowly lost his mind
           and he passed on in chicago illinois
           she was again a nineteen year old country girl in love with a city boy
            and he still sleeps beside her, it’s strange but it feels the same,
            when she stops breathing in her sleep she swears he calls her name
            and those two flags still fly every morning, sure as the rising sun
            a maple leaf for her country stars and stripes for the one she loves
            Tired Ghostly Town
             There’s been an accident something that this town will never forget
              there is fire on the harbor and blood on the ground
              the foundry blew up on the dark side of town
              this town already burnt down along time ago
              the tar ran like water and the ash fell like snow
              now the rust line on the shore line just goes to show
              it’s rotting out from the inside
              a cancerously crippled giant waiting to die
               and it follows you, follows you, follows you round
               try not you can’t shake this tired ghostly town
               Do you remember those rail road woods
               that played secret hideout for the whole neighborhood?
               and the times that we had there were just so damn good
               could they’ve really happened at all?
               Like a drunk to the bottle like a moth to the flame
               like a widow to weep, like a gambler to game
               I am drawn back here again and again
               I cannot rest til I lie
               once again by that dying giant’s side
               and it follows me, follows me, follows me round
               try not I can’t shake this tired ghostly town
Working Dream
I wish I had a pair of golden cufflinks
I wish I had a suit that’s woven fine
so I could take you to your daddy’s funeral
and I could mend your heart as well as mine-o
I could mend your heart as well as mine
But all these things I wish for they cost money
you won’t find that in a factory or a mine
all you’re gonna find at the day’ end
is you’re a little close to your time o
you’re a little closer to your time
I wish that we didn’t have to do it
if we didn’t have to do it we’d be dead
nine thousand days of your daddy’s life
just to put a  leak roof over your head-o
just to put a leaky roof over your head
and we all know what it was that killed him
and you and ma will never see a dime
to the man that put the cancer in him
a man ain’t but a number on a line-o
a man ain’t but a number on a line
Now that you’e grown son and have your own son
won’t you teach him that money isn’t right
and if there ever comes a great reckoning
the world will burn a dollar at a time-o
the world will burn a dollar at a time

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