On the Straight and Low

Album art by Damara Kaminecki

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Orange Twin Records

  1. Lonesome Low
  2. Straighten Out My Leg

This 2 song 7″ features a Scorch original on side A and a strange old country gem from Jimmy Driftwood on side B. Both vinyl and digital copies come with 20 digital bonus tracks recorded live at the Orange Twin Farm House in Athens Ga.  Live Recording by Laura Carter / Studio Recording by Derek Almstead

Bonus Live Tracks:

  1. Intro/Miss Rosie
  2. Every Time the Baby Crie
  3. Two Flags
  4. FUCPD
  5. Working Dream
  6. 12 Weeks Dead
  7. Lay Down and Die
  8. Giant Wars and Dinosaurs
  9. Moody Blues
  10. Africa
  11. Chicago
  12. Blue Eyed Baby
  13. Board Up the Windows
  14. Insomnia
  15. Corn Liquor
  16. Mr Whispers/Simple Man
  17. Al’s Hard Times
  18. Lonesome Live
  19. Applause
  20. Taters and Gravy
  21. Pizza Beaxh