Winter Slumber III

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Wrapped up another great Winter Slumber! See you next year.


January Winter Slumber

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The first of three Sunday afternoon shows at the Empty Bottle

Photographs by Alexis Ellers

Hanging with John Prine

What an honor to meet John Prine backstage at Red Rocks this summer! We talked about growing up on the far west side of Chicago and riding bikes around the city. We also talked italian beef and being a “couple Chicago guys” as John put it. Thanks so much to Paul Defiglia and Laura Goldhamer for the amazing time in Colorado.


Photos from Schubas

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Alexis Ellers took some photos at our live record release show back in May at Schuba’s. Thanks Alexis!

Live at the Spirit Store LP!

Recorded in Dundalk, Ireland Live at the Spirit Store captures Al and his band at their best: on tour performing live for an enthusiastic audience.

Their first release since 2012’s Tired Ghostly Town this album is for the fans and has all things they have come to expect from an Al Scorch live show. The stories behind the songs, impromptu banter, and ripping performances all make Live at the Spirit Store a true snap shot of an evening with Al Scorch and the Country Soul Ensemble. We are really grateful to our pals at Gray Sky MicroPress for making this LP happen!

Pre-sale orders can be made here! Live in Chicago? Join us at our record release show May 23rd at Schuba’s Tavern!

Art by Matt Bergstrom / Wurlington Brothers Press

Art by Matt Bergstrom / Wurlington Brothers Press