This Lonesome World

Album art by Natacha Christopherson

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Let’s Pretend Records¬†/No Breaks

  1.  Every Time the Baby Cries
  2. Lay Down and Die
  3. Want One
  4. Betsy Bay

Leads off with three shredding banjo tracks backed by drums, bass, and mandolin. Adapted Scottish sea chanty Betsy Bay soars with added guitar, violins, harmonica and percussion. Continue reading

Al Scorch & Cold Dead Hands

Album art by Natacha Christopherson

Vinyl – Half-Day Records

  1. FUCPD
  2. Secret Style Kung-Fu
  3. Corn Liquor
  4. Chicago

Solo performances with sparse accompaniment of guitar, fiddle, and second voice. Recorded by Mike Pack at Revolution Sound Chattanooga, TN. Available at shows only.