Tired Ghostly Town LP!

Today we kick off tour and we’d like to extend thanks to everyone for getting us going and the continued support. We are slugging it out everyday to bring you the music we love to make and you enjoy hearing. There’s not much money from the small labels we work with, no Kickstarters, no deep pockets. Everything we got we got with sweat and you make it possible by buying records and coming to shows. For that we cannot thank you enough. Thank you thank you thank you.

Today Tired Ghostly Town LP is available at fine record stores everywhere through Chicago Independent Distribution. So walk on in to your favorite wax-shack and ask the friendly clerk to please order you one of our fine records!

If you’re not into vinyl over the course of the next week or two  you can buy our album digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc . We’ll notify you when it’s up officially, it’s taking a little longer than we thought so hang in there pals.

At both our Chicago shows (Logan Hardware – 7 PM – All Ages , Cole’s Bar – 10 PM – 21+) we have got a great Country Soul Ensemble coming your way.  Al and Cris will hold it down as always and will be joined by the very talented Nicky Baltrushes sawing the fiddle and Justin Amolsch blowing trumpet and french horn.

Get ready for a double helping of double bass! Paul Defiglia is joining us for the first part of our tour and Oz is meeting us in DC when Paul takes off to join the Avett Brothers on tour. So that means tonight in Chicago you’re gonna get two amazing bass players playing on all your favorite Al Scorch songs. Add Nicky and Justin to the mix and we’re getting damn close to a Country Soul Orchestra!

Stick with our Facebook and Twitter for updates from the road and remember….

Do it yourself and JAM ECONO!