Tired Ghostly Town

Album art by Damara Kaminecki

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  1. Board up the Windows
  2. Chicago
  3. Hearse Driver
  4. Miss Rosie
  5. Working Dream
  6. Giant Wars and Dinosaurs
  7. Hard Times
  8. Movie Picture
  9. Two Flags
  10. Tired Ghostly

11 players tell the stories in Al’s ¬†songs with driving dynamic rhythm and melodies in the voice of fiddle, trumpet, organ, banjo and more.

National Release: March 31st,  2012
LP: Plan-It-X South
CD: Self Release
Cassette: HeWhoCorruptsInc.

Al Scorch – vocal, banjo, electric guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Cris Castellan – Drums, washboard, shakers
Ausberto Ascevedo – Bass
Will Staler – Mandolin, spoons, vocal
Nicole Baltrushes – Violin
Sean Geil -acoustic guitar and vocal
Daniel Wescott- Vocal
Laura Carter – Clarinet
Rob Cruz – Accordion
Sam Johnson – Trumpet
Rev. Carl Harris – Hammond organ