Year End Press Round Up!

Got a bunch of nice press this year. Thought we’d look back on some kind words…

Chicago Reader

Al Scorch plays the banjo like he knows the most scenic spots on the Appalachian Trail…click the link for the full interview


At the same time, you know he lives in a time once graced by Jason Molina. Al Scorch has some of that purity about him, sounding like a soul too fragile for the weight of this world.

The Onion A.V. Club

For years, Chicago-based musician Al Scorch has been the living embodiment of how punk’s spirit has crossed over into other genres of music.

All Music

Al Scorch is a top-notch storyteller who suggests a poetic version of Studs Terkel, and his music is every bit as strong. If anyone on the current Chicago music scene has the makings of a major artist, it’s Al Scorch.

Brooklyn Vegan

Chicago singer/songwriter Al Scorch has a sound influenced by old timey country and bluegrass but also raw driving punk. It sometimes sounds like a more bluegrass version of Neutral Milk Hotel

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