brand new logo, dear old friend

Al Scorch The Country Soul Ensemble Joey Alone

Joey drew this for us. So beautiful I have no idea what to do with it yet but appreciate it. Thank you. Joe in his own words:

Logo For Da Wonderful Al Scorch. Included in this photo are many Chicago landmarks from my childhood (i.e abandoned shit I used to break into and explore/climb on when I was a young vandalicious and enthusiastic teen) including the old Western Electric Tower on Cermak and Cicero, the permanently-risen train bridge on 16th street, the 16th street interlocking tower, the stockyards gate, many a rooftop water tower, the abandoned central manufacturing district warehouses on pershing and damen, and of course the cement silos on damen where it crosses the I & M Canal. The leaves in the right corner are tree-of-heaven (ailanthus altissima, an invasive tree from China that beautifies many busted blocks in Cook County) and the Native Cottonwood (populus sp.), which can be seen frequently emerging through the cracks of pavement on abandoned lots. This is an ode to my own personal version of Cook County, Illinois.

Thank you brother. All you good folks will be able to get a physical print of this amazing image soon. Stay tuned and thanks again Joey.





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