Day Trotter

We sure love Illinois, our native state and home base, and we consider Day Trotter to be one of the greatest contributions our state  has made to music in the last decade. This session captures a great moment in time. Al and Cris on banjo and percussion, the constant of our sound. And two voices adding their own interpretation and heart to the songs: Nicole Baltrushes singing and fiddling and Paul Defiglia lending his bass and vocals. Ms. Baltrushes is now Dr. Baltrushes and lives in California where she is working on her family medicine residency. She is truly as kind and loving as her harmonies make her sound. Paul is a multi-talented musician and performer and is currently lending his skills to the Avett Brothers as they tour behind their new record The Carpenter. Whether piano, bass, or voice Paul adds presence and heart to everything he’s involved with.

    You’ll hear Nicky and Paul sing and play with us again, just stay tuned and keep listening.

Al Scorch & the Country Soul Ensemble