Winter Slumber I : 2018


 Al Scorch & CSE - Empty Bottle - Winter SLumber 2018

Al Scorch & CSE Empty Bottle Winter Slumber 2018

2018 marks 6 years of Winter Slumbers at the Empty Bottle. We are honored to make one of Chicago’s finest music havens our home for 3 months out of the year. The community that has grown at our Slumber residency inspires the music we make and gives it an emotional home. In the Winter, we rest in Chicago, in the warm embrace of our loving friends and family.
After years of informal pass-the-hat donations for the Chicago Community Bond Fund at the Slumber, we decided to make fund-raising for righteous causes an official part of the party! Now, every month the Winter Slumber community will throw down dollars to support a different rad cause!
This January we supported the Kedzie Center, a community mental health center serving the North River area on the north side of Chicago. The Kedzie Center approaches mental health care as a community issue and works to break down barriers to care like income, language, and stigma. By making care accessible in a community setting the Kedzie Center provides a place for people to go before their mental health becomes a crisis.
See you at the next Winter Slumber February 4th at the Empty Bottle at 2 PM!